I have chosen sources that I believe will present a good mix of different perspectives.

1. BBC News

The largest broadcaster in the world, the BBC, is a widely recognized news organization that offers a good critical perspective on world affairs. It strives to “be free from both political and commercial influence and answer only to its viewers and listeners.”

2. Al Jazeera

I believe it is important to include a source from the Arabic and Muslim world. This will provide a different perspective than that of Western media.

3. The Jerusalem Post

This source will provide a Jewish perspective on the Middle East.

4. The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the major newspapers in the United States, and the world, and offers an American perspective on the world.

5. The Times

This English newspaper is traditionally a moderate, center-right publication, and offers a fairly balanced perspective.

6. Klassekampen

This small Norwegian newspaper is clearly Marxist, rather obvious from its name: “The Class Struggle.” I believe that it offers a different viewpoint than the regular mainstream media of the Western world.

7. The Guardian

The Guardian, with roots in working class Northern England and a bias towards the Labour Party, offers a viewpoint from the mainstream left in the UK.

8. The Sandbox

This military blog offers an inside perspective on war from the soldiers themselves.

9. Google Reader search: Obama and War

I want to find out what the new president and his administration are doing when it comes to wars. How will Obama handle the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what diplomatic solutions the US might be able to provide in Gaza?